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About us

At Mighty ICT Solutions, we are a team of young IT professionals who have come together to bring you the best affordable data plans to make your life easier.

With expertise ranging from web technologies to telecom and a wide array of ICT solutions, you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

We have a strong presence in Lagos and Ogun states with representatives all over Nigeria.

We are always happy to hear from you, kindly contact us if you have any questions or enquiries.

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We are highly customer-centric and are committed towards finding innovative ways of improving our customers' buying experience with us.


In Mighty Solution, we see branding from an abstract perspective. We believe Branding is possibly the most overused and least understood term in modern business.


Our highly efficient logistics process ensures constant touch with the customer through the order placement and delivery life-cycle.


With a decentralized distribution system, customers will enjoy minimal delays and reduced down-time prior to getting their items


Our business and warm and friendly aid squad causes us to be by far the most thoughtful and user-concentrated article writing firm. It wasn’t us in case you have ever before met a significantly less-than-more beneficial guide company.


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Phone: 07033044456
Phone: 09097619649

Agege, Lagos, Nigeria.