Instagram is a social networking app made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. It is an App which requires good mobile data to function properly unlike like Facebook Lite which requires little data.

However, no matter how entertaining and exciting Instagram may be, it’s also capable of draining most of your internet data. By default, Instagram preloads videos so that you can watch them instantly so, know that by mere scrolling through your feed and watching videos or posting photos can end up consuming hundreds of megabytes.

In the previous article, we discussed some useful tips on “How To Reduce Data Usage On WhatsApp”, today we will be taking the discussion further to discuss ‘How To Reduce Data Usage on Instagram’. Here are some tips you can use to minimize data usage on Instagram:

Tips To Minimize Data Usage On Instagram

Notice! Instagram frequently updates and improves on their app, so to benefit from the data saving features first update your app to the latest version. This applies to the latest version of Instagram from 7th of June, 2019 and forward.

1. Turn on Data Saver

Instagram has a data saver option that can reduce the amount of data used by up to half or more. To enable this option, go to “Settings” on your Instagram App -> click on “Account” -> scroll down to “Cellular data use” -> tap on “Data Saver” to toggle it on.

This option stops videos from loading in advance, until you open the app, thereby saving your mobile data.

2. Disable Loading of High-resolution Media

By default, Instagram may attempt to load the best resolution of media available for you. But if you are accessing Instagram from your mobile device with a limited screen size, do you really need a super-high resolution image that is over 3mb? My guess is no.

To disable high-resolution photos and videos while on mobile data, go to the “Data Saver” menu from Number 1 tip (above) -> Tap on “High-resolution media” -> Choose “Never” or “Wi-Fi only”

3. Turn Your Notifications Off

Notifications are a handy way of getting instant feedback on your uploads as well as all other things on Instagram, but do you really need them? Disabling notifications can help you focus and avoid distractions at work/school while saving your data! This is especially more helpful as your followers increase. The notifications settings on Instagram is very robust and helpful. Just go to “Settings” -> Select “Notifications”. You can choose to “Pause All” or enter the other various options available to disable notifications from specific followers, posts, direct messages, etc among others.

4. Try to Deactivate Mobile Data when Phone is not in use

Mobile apps have come a long way to a point where they are very efficient with power and data consumption. But even at that, some apps will use significant data if left always running in the background, and Instagram is one of such data-hungry apps. We do not recommend always closing the app. Rather, whenever you are going to be busy for long periods of time, simply turn off your mobile data.

If you follow all the steps outlined above, you will notice a seriously reduced data consumption from your Instagram app.

Would you like to know how to reduce your data usage for other apps too? You can check our previous post to see tips on “How To Reduce Data Usage on WhatsApp”. Do you have a useful tip you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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